Live share stream

    1. Cloudinary's jQuery plugin is used to perform direct uploading to the cloud from the browser.
    2. Signature for authorizing uploads to Cloudinary are generated on the server side and included in the HTML page.
    3. Cloudinary's cloud-based transformations are applied: generating thumbnails using face detection based cropping, adding a watermark, applying effects.
    4. Cloudinary's image identifier as well as user name and message are sent to the web server that securely publishes a real time message to a PubNub channel.
    5. The web page uses PubNub's Javascript library to subscribe to a real-time live messaging channel shared by all users.
    6. Messages received via PubNub are used to trigger the live shared photos stream's display.
    7. The thumbnails and full-size images are generated and delivered through a fast CDN by Cloudinary. Image URLs are built using Cloudinary's jQuery plugin based on the identifier included in the PubNub message.
    8. Previously published messages are also displayed on page loading using PubNub's History support.

    Full sources are available on GitHub